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Eat. Drink. Be Merie.

Hi! I’m so happy that you’ve decide to get to know me and read about my life (I promise it won’t be boring). I’m Rianna Merie! Let me share a few things about myself with you:

Being a mom is like being on a non-stop adventure. I am constantly learning new things. For instance, just 5 minutes ago, as I was writing this post, my 17-month old daughter, Elle, was ‘helping Mama work’ and ended up pressing some combination on the keyboard that switched the laptop screen upside down. (I briefly considered just doing all my work for the day upside down.) Thus, my first lesson of the day: how to use my keyboard controls. Thanks, Elle!


Many people I talk to are curious about what it is like being a mom and a full time student, so this simply a little preview into my life. In October, 2012, I landed the best job in the world: I became a mommy! Being a first time mom can be a bit overwhelming at times, but I am so grateful for my wonderful support system, including my amazing boyfriend, Shaun.  In the past two years, I have really come to understand the value of family. I am lucky enough to have my family, as well of Shaun’s to call my own.

I am currently attending the University of Windsor for my degree in Environmental Studies (reduce, reuse, recycle, folks!). Is it challenging, balancing studying for midterms and potty training? Yes. Are there nights where I spend more time with textbooks, than my pillows? Yes. (I am very thankful for coffee, under eye concealer, and nap time!) Do I love my crazy little monkey named Elle? More than anything. Can it all be done? You bet! And guess what? There is still time for other things I love like, eating chips and dip, baking cookies, cinematic adventures, spelunking, crafting, watching Pretty Little Liars (yes, I know, it’s a guilty pleasure), trying out new recipes, spending more time than I should designing my dream home on Pinterest, trying to make my cat love me, doing yoga, having random dance parties, and, of course, the occasional night out with my handsome man!

Want to hear more? Come join me on this (delicious? exciting? Nutella-filled?) journey that I like to call my life, by reading this blog!


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    • Thanks, April! (Elle is actually my daughter haha, I’m Rianna.) I just browsed through some of the recipes on your blog and can’t wait to try them out…especially those Greek yogurt popcicles!

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